Ponderifica Kit One

Image of Ponderifica Kit One

$5.00 - On Sale

Ludwig Accent Drum Kit:

Includes .wavs, .tcis, .nkis and .gogs.

All samples are multi-velocity.

20" Kick
14" Floor Tom
10" High Tom
14" Pearl Steel Snare
13" DW Snare (Additional Sample not from Ludwig Kit)

Remo heads, with Evans Dampener Ring on Kick.

Microphones Used: MXL, Shure, AKG, Superlux, Blue

.Nki's made by Jeronimo Mora


Full Mix Example 1
(Mixed not used by band, music by Altars)

Full Mix Example 2

Raw Mix Example 1

Raw Mix Example 2
(Thanks to Arrold Walton for testing the TCI's)

Lyra Snare Example